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General Principles of Law

Maligned Indiana Law Uses Supreme Court Language

Posted: 1 April 2015 at midnight
What's up with the hue and cry over Indiana's new law attempting to protect the free exercise of religion? What no reporter or news agency I have seen will tell you is that the law echoes the words of the US Supreme Court setting the rules for "strict ... more

DOJ/Reporter Scandal Trashes Fourth Amendment More Than the First

Posted: 22 May 2013 at midnight

Tough questions posed this week to White House Press Secretary David Carney about freedom of the press concerns in the Department of Justice’s national security probe of news leaks are quite understandable: the news media properly cherishes that portion of our nation’s First Amendment rights. But the greater ... more

The Long Arm of the Law

Posted: 9 January 2012 at 3 a.m.

Old bad jokes were not the only things that could be called “groaners”. This article tells about some of the uncommon, yet still all-too-frequent situations we attorneys hear which make us want to rather unprofessionally groan “Oh, no, don’t tell me....”

I chose the title “The Long Arm of ... more