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Blanchard Legal Solutions, PC is committed to providing outstanding service, beginning with a new standard for the legal "industry": straight answers. No sugar-coating or hinting around to tell a client what he or she wants to hear. This applies whether working at the beginning of a project to prevent problems, or in looking for a way to solve problems that have arisen for various reasons.

My greatest professional and personal satisfaction as an attorney comes from solving problems for my clients. If the solution is preventive, so much the better! But like the old Pennzoil(tm) commercials with the mechanic touting the benefits of regular oil changes, "you can pay me now, or you can pay me later."

Many people need the services of an attorney, which includes education, expertise, analysis of facts and legal principles, and experience with "how things are done" in the court system or at the negotiating table before a contract is signed or after a problem has arisen. If the entire world were filled with adults who behaved like adults, we would hardly ever need courts. But since we as humans are not perfect, the courts are where we go when all else fails.

The law is best used to prepare for and prevent problems. The most extreme form of legal work, the lawsuit, has morphed over the past 80 years or so to become a slow-moving, sometimes-clumsy, and painstakingly methodical process best suited for disputes involving "at-stake" values of $100,000 or more.

The newer tradition of faster trials and more informal proceedings in the small claims arena comes at a cost of both sides NOT having a clear and enforceable way to force the other side, or third parties like banks or witnesses, to cough up essential evidence. Further, the small claims arena still remains crippled by unrealistically low jurisdictional limits: $5,000 in Nevada (NRS 73.010) and $10,000 (including attorney's fees) in Utah (UCA 78A-8-102). If a case is brought in Nevada and involves less than $10,000.00, the Justice Courts provide an intermediate but only marginally-less expensive forum than the District Courts, with the advantage of better access to finding evidence before the trial.

This setting, including consistent legislative failures to adjust the dollar values to correct for inflation in past years, has of course resulted in much official hand-wringing about "access to justice" and "under-served communities" who never get their day in court. Worthy concerns, these are, but the typical answer has been, and continues to be, various forms of "legal aid" organizations which are perpetually overwhelmed with clients who are trying to avoid being evicted from their rented apartments or houses, or who validly need help getting protection from abusive family members or "lovers".

This law firm seeks to help solve this immense problem for those caught in between qualifying for "legal aid" and being able to afford legal services, by offering something in between: straight answers to legal questions. Websites like www.expertlaw.com deal in general questions and generalized answers and just don't want to delve into answering specific legal questions about what to do. "Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice. . ." is the promise of next to nothing more than general information at another site. http://www.expertlaw.com/terms.html

Here, we can and we do and a client can hire this law firm for any limited scope of representation that he or she wants. Clients can buy as much or as little legal advice they desire, upon mutually-acceptable terms. We probably cannot change the entire world, but we can and want to change it for the better for every person we serve.